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Here you will find news articles, blogs and teachings from various sources and members of the universal church of Jesus Christ (Yeshua Ha-Mashiach) from different parts of the world as a means of sharing biblical truth, belief and trust in the promises of our Creator; The LORD God of Abraham , Isaac and Jacob and of His love and mercy through the  sacrifice of His son Jesus the Messiah in these present perilous and evil times we are living.

We pray that this contribution of articles will be of encouragement and edification to the saints , by  standing  firm on the promises of God  and being prepared and  vigilant for the return of Jesus.

We pray also that those who do not know God,  may come to an understanding of Him and turn from their sins and ask for His mercy and forgiveness before the time runs out,  for  His perfect justice will be executed  upon this earth soon.

Biblical prophecies are being fulfilled in front of our very eyes , and the return of the Lord Jesus is drawing near.

Please discern some of the posts on this site and investigate within the Holy Scriptures, as we do not necessarily adhere to all of what is posted , however your feedback and comments are very welcome  and appreciated in collaboration towards searching and proclaiming the truth of the word of God.

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